About Tony’s Fun Art

Tony Lovett is the owner of the popular TikTok page Tony’s Fun Art. Tony has a natural talent for art. He has many years experience drawing for fun, customers and celebrities. He is able to work with any type of art medium, such as pencil, paint, crayon and pastels. Tony is not limited to certain art forms, as he can draw anything from cartoons to hyper realistic 3D drawings. Some of his art work even extends to the metaverse, where he helps to create textures for games. You can also follow Tony’s work on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Examples of Tonys Artwork

Buying Bespoke Art from Tony

Tony frequently receives requests from customers around the world for bespoke artwork.

If you are interested, please send details of your requirement to jollymrwilson78@gmail.com. His art has no limits, as he has the ability to work with all kinds of medium. Typical requests include personal realistic portraits, cartoon characters and marvel drawings.

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