Seal of England Collection

Seal of England Collection

Our Seal of England collection is limited to 100 images. Each seal represents something about England. They differ in card suit, card number, background, hats, eyes and more!

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Image Traits

Our Seal of England collection has a total of 100 images. We assigned each image an individual theme to represent England. For example, cards with a purple background represent English Royalty. The swords on each card tell you how many cards are within the theme or suit. You will also notice that one or more swords are brighter then others. Adding up the brighter swords tells you the image number in that theme or suit.

PurpleEnglish Royalty66
Light BlueIndustrial Revolution66
GoldRobin Hood66
TurquoiseStephen Hawking & Cambridge66
BrownChefs and Food66
PinkEnglish Tea66
Navy BlueNavy55
GreenScience & Inventions88
Dark GreenSport66
Dull BlueCelebrity1010
SalmonEnglish Animals1010
BeigeEnglish Theatre66
Dark GreyJester & King Seal33