Seal of Approval NFT Collection by Crypto Dreams

Seal of Approval NFT Collection

Jamie (Crypto Dreams owner) and Tony (TikTok Influencer) created a unique collection of 100 seal images, called Seal of Approval NFT Collection. It is a product from months of work. The collection features a seal which they named Tj, who sits on an English throne. Tj the seal represents different countries and cultures across the world. We are giving the public a chance to buy our original drawings from us using blockchain technology, which is used to exchange cryptocurrency and NFTs. The world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can be a confusing one, so lets break down some of the terminology used in the NFT world.

Blockchain: A computerised program that accurately logs the transaction of digital assets, also known as a digital ledger. This log of digital transactions is made public so everyone knows the history of a digital purchase. This is useful in the art world, as people can know who is the owner of the art. In this case, it is us regarding the seal of approval collection. You will be the owner if you purchase one. Then you can choose to hold or sell it on.

Minting: We have minted all our images in this collection. Minting means we have turned these images to NFTs, and they officially live on a blockchain. All images are minted only once.

Traits: When you buy an NFT from an online market place such as Opensea, you will notice that most have a list of traits below it.  Traits describe the main features that image has compared to others in the collection.  For example, 36% of images from the Seal of Approval collection have a black background.  The purpose of this information is to give you an idea of how rare that particular image is compared to others in the collection.  There are some images in the collection with 1% rarity traits, can you find them?  People consider rarities to be more valuable in the NFT world.

Crypto Wallet: This is needed to purchase any NFT.  The most popular crypto wallet for NFTs is called Metamask.  Once you have setup your Metamask wallet, you can then turn your local currency into a crypto currency.  To purchase our seals you will need to exchange your local currency into Ethereum.  This is because our collection lives on the Ethereum blockchain.  Setting a Metamask wallet is also the first step required to have a profile on Opensea marketplace.  Opensea uses your Metamask wallet to login to their marketplace platform.

Opensea: Is the worlds largest NFT trading platform. This is where you can buy our seal of approval collection. But only once we launch them for sale on 1st September 2022. You can view our collection on Opensea here.

Purchasing Our Seal NFTs

  1. Setup an Opensea Account by following this guide.
  2. View our Seal of Approval by Crpyto Dreams collection on Opensea.
  3. From 1st September 2022, you will be able to pruchase our NFTs. You will see a buy it now price in ETH. If you are on our whitelist, you will get 50% off the launch price. Contact us if you are interested.
  4. Once you have purchased an NFT from this collection, you then become the offical owner of that NFT. This NFT will appear in your profile on Opensea. You can then choose to hold it, or sell it on.

Seal of Approval NFT Traits

Each image in this collection has its own unique traits. Every image is completely hand drawn, no computer algorithms were used.

Reasons to Buy our NFT’s

  1. You can join our discord or email us if you are interested in buying our Seal of Approval NFTs. Those who are interested in buying a seal of approval NFT first will be put onto our whitelist which can be found on our discord channel. The whitelist promises discounts and other perks regarding our NFT creations.
  2. Our seal of approval collection is encoded on the Ethereum blockchain network, in ERC-731 standard.
  3. We only mint our images once, which makes them highly collectible.
  4. We only make exclusive NFT art, and take it very seriously. We will be constantly uploading exciting collections for years to come on the OpenSea platform.
  5. Our collections are different to others. We prefer highly unique pieces of art, over very large collections of the same thing. Each of our images is hand drawn, and has many unique traits.
  6. The NFT market has been on the rise since its first opening in 2014. The digital world is forever changing, and stepping towards a digital world (metaverse). We believe our art will be highly valuable in this metaverse.
  7. We think outside the box, and bring different art to the NFT market that stimulates your emotions and intellect.
  8. We are reaching out with other organisations to get their Seal of approval, so we can play a larger role in the metaverse.
  9. Our art is not limited to JPEG and PNG’s. We plan to become serious players in the metaverse, and will be creating all kinds of digital NFT’s.