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When imagination, AI and artistic talent come together

This Mutant Seals NFT collection features 200 images that are a combination of imagination, artificial intelligence, and image editing skills. It is fascinating to see how AI is being used in the creation of art. The algorithms can generate endless possibilities that human artists may not have considered, leading to new and exciting forms of creativity. The Mutant Seals collection is a testament to this, as the AI-generated images are highly imaginative and visually stunning. Each AI base image was meticulously edited by our artist Tony Lovett to achieve this level of quality. Jamie created an awesome 3D animated Mutant Seals movie to show off the collection. Our NFT collections got the Seal of Approval by number one NFT news website NFT Plazas. They also reviewed our latest House of Toys NFT Collection.

Contract: ERC-721 (View Contract Here)

Chain: Polygon MATIC

Total Supply: 200

Gas: Almost nothing

Creator Earnings: 6%

Creators: Crypto Dreams (Jamie and Tony)

NFT File type and size: JPG File. 512 x 1024 pixels

See the Movie: View Mutant Seals the Movie

As Seen on NFT Plazas: NFT Plazas Interview.


3rd April 2023

How to Buy

All items for the Mutant Seals NFT collection have now been minted. If you wish to buy or make an offer on a Mutant Seal, then you can do so by visiting the Mutant Seals collection on Opensea.