House of Toys NFT Collection Mint Page

Each NFT is a masterpiece, with its own captivating story!

House of Toys is a limited collection of 5000 NFT images on the Ethereum blockchain, distinguished by its unique use of an AI algorithm developed by Crypto Dreams. The AI generates objects and scenes within each image, creating captivating and vivid digital toys that are brought to life by the artist’s mastery of image editing software. Each toy is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, giving it a personality and backstory that is portrayed in a detailed and captivating description accompanying each NFT image. Tony Lovett, the talented artist behind House of Toys, is known for his exceptional creativity and Jamie, the technical expert, created the smart contract, website, metadata, and 3D animation (coming soon) that brings the toys to life. The collection has received the Seal of Approval from NFT Plazas YouTube Channel and Blog, showcasing its quality and appeal. House of Toys is a remarkable example of the limitless possibilities of digital art and human creativity in the world of NFTs.

Contract: ERC-721 (View here)

Opensea Link: House of Toys on Opensea

Opensea Pro Link: House of Toys on Opensea Pro

Rarible Link: House of Toys on Rarible

Chain: Ethereum

Total Supply: 5000

Mint Start Date: 12th April 2023

Mint Price: 0.0005ETH (Approx £0.75/$0.95)

Official Launch Date: 12th April 2023

Creator Earnings: 6%

Creators: Crypto Dreams

Asset type and size: JPG File. 512 x 1024 pixels

Discord: Join our community

As seen on NFT Plazas: NFT Plazas Blog and YouTube Channel.



You can buy or make an offer on toys listed on Opensea, Opensea Pro, or Rarible. This will be a price set by the current owner of that NFT, which will be us or somebody else.

MINT FOR 0.0005ETH (Approx £0.75/$0.95)

Minting a random toy costs 0.0005 ETH, the cheapest price available, until the collection reaches its max limit of 5000. The current availability can be viewed below. If minting is not possible due to sold-out status, more will be added over time as each art piece is individually created. Although mint price is super cheap, we have no control over gas fee, as that is set by the market.

Tips to Reduce Gas Fee:

  • It’s cheaper per NFT to batch mint, as everything is sent as one transaction.
  • Optimise gas price. Set gas price below average in your Metamask, but not too low to avoid delays.
  • Mint during off-peak times, like early morning or late night.
  • Learn more about gas on our blog.