Step 1: Own a Crypto Wallet

Our digital assets are available on the most widely recognised NFT marketplace, OpenSea. This Opensea platform is like an eBay for NFT art and other digital collectibles. To acquire NFTs from OpenSea, you will need to setup a crypto wallet, called MetaMask. You then enter the Opensea platform using your Crypto wallet (MetaMask) password. Follow the instructions below to setup a Metamask crypto wallet:

Install MetaMask Wallet: You will need to install MetaMask, which is a browser extension wallet. Browser extensions is simply software that runs via your devices web browser. It can be installed on desktop or mobile. We recommend you only install it on one device for security reasons. When creating a new MetaMask, you will be given a seedphrase and password. Never share your seed phrase or password with anyone. Keep it very secure.

Fund your MetaMask Wallet: We only have Ethereum or Polygon NFTs. Fund with ETH if you are buying NFTs from an Ethereum collection. Fund with Polygon MATIC is you are buying NFTs from a Polygon collection.

Step 2: Acquire an NFT

To obtain a Crypto Dreams NFT, you have three options: acquiring one through the Opensea marketplace, participating in competitions on the Crypto Dreams website, or receiving one as a gift from someone who already owns one. Competitions involve exploring a virtual reality world to find prizes, which are transferred within 24 hours upon winning. View our NFT collections. You can then view the collections on Opensea where you can buy now, or make an offer.

Step 3: Access your Perks

As a proud owner of a Crypto Dreams NFT, you have the exclusive opportunity to explore secret regions of their virtual reality world and connect with fellow NFT holders. By joining their Discord server, you can access a special holders area and chat room, where you’ll find a secret VIP password for a hidden VIP area in the VR world. Holding their NFTs also comes with exciting advantages, including a competitive edge in future competitions to win unique NFTs by talented artists. Additionally, there are opportunities to earn real-world rewards. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey and incredible benefits as a Crypto Dreams NFT holder.

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